Why in-bound marketing

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Here are 10 reasons why inbound marketing will be critical for growth, and ways we can use it to our advantage.

1. Building momentum
Inbound marketing can help you gain momentum.  With inbound marketing, leads will be drawn over time through a steady buildup of inbound content and recognition.

2. Outbound strategies aren’t as effective
When a consumer gets a sales call they know it’s a sales call and they lose interest immediately.

3. Promote long-term growth
When you create inbound content it doesn’t just go away. There is a cumulative effect of inbound marketing because inbound content will compound and add value to previous and future content.

4. A warm lead is better than a cold lead
A customer coming to you is always going to be more powerful than a cold outreach. The goal of a cold outreach is to create an interest. If a customer reaches out to you, that interest is already there. A lead created through inbound marketing is much more likely to close and become a customer than a cold lead you reach out to.

5. Customers have access to tons of information
Nowadays, you can easily access virtually unlimited information at the click of a button.  Thus, by the time you finally reach the customer, they already have a solid idea of what they want.

6. Inbound builds trust
Building rapport with a customer is key for closing the deal and establishing a relationship. Inbound content shows them that you are an expert who can be trusted.

7. Inbound is more efficient
Sales people used to spend hours a day making phone calls, only to have a small fraction of those phone calls result in a conversation, much less in a sale.

8. Save Time
Outbound is extremely time intensive; inbound is much quicker.

9. Get more customers
Customers want a company who they can trust and they can believe in, and there is no better way to create this impression than with inbound marketing.

10. Save money
Rather than hiring dozens of outbound sales reps, invest in a fraction of the work force that creates twice the productivity through inbound marketing.



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